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Leira is a supreme cannabis cigar branding service. LEIRA represents success, luxury, and sophistication. When you create a high end cannabis cigar you are representing your companies morals and ethical values by using clean high quality grown cannabis. Gold Leaf adheres to the principals of « living organics » using hand crafted soils amended with natural teas, beneficials, and nutrients to maximize microbial life. Translation – plants fully expressing their genetic potential in regards to flavor, smell, and effect.

Imagine a blunt but, instead of tobacco, the bud is wrapped in a cannabis leaf. Not a cheap “gas station” blunt either, but a high-quality, aficionado-level cigar. That’s the concept for the Cannagar. While there are plenty of companies scrambling to jump on the new trend, Washington’s Leira was one of the a cannagar

Leira Cannagars For Sale in USA

Leira cannagars are coveted by everyone, from A-list celebrities to sports stars to just regular old cannabis connoisseurs but the 24k Gold Leaf Gilded cannagars express true luxury for those looking for the finer things. Besides being the life of the party, this a very meticulous handcrafted art piece that expresses high class. Gold combusts at higher temperature than cannabis so you don’t have to worry about firing it up. You can even keep the gold ash when you’re finished and show it off to your friends.

Ultimately, the Leira Delta-8 Cannarillo 3.0 product was designed to be used for celebrations as well as other special occasions. Think bachelor parties, weddings, 21 and over birthday parties, birth announcements, promotions, etc. etc.

Leira Cigars Sizes and Flavors:

Buy Leira Cannarillo 3.0 4g
Ring Gauge: 32
Length: 4.25 inches
Flower: 4g

Buy Leira Cannagar 12g
Ring Gauge: 42
Length: 6 inches
Flower: 12g

Buy Luxury  24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Cannagar
Ring Gauge: 42
Length: 6 inches
Flower: 12g

How Are These Products Made?

It all starts with Gold Leaf gardeners who create some of the world’s most premium high-quality cannabis. Several key processes are used to ensure the absolute best results. This includes wrapping cores (made with luxury flowers) with clean rosin oil, extracted by using filtered ice water. The rosin-saturated cores are then rolled with pure cannabis leaves.

Which are crafted by expert rollers to ensure that the Leira  Cannarillo 3.0 cannagars are rolled the right way? Ariel Payopay, Founder of Leira, explains the process, “each one is hand-rolled in about an hour and set aside to cure for a minimum of a 1-month before its ready for a sale”. As you can see the only ingredient you will find in Leira’s Cannagars is cannabis.

What Makes Leira Cannagars So Special?

There are several reasons why these products are more than your typical cannabis items. First, you can choose from two different strains in multiple sizes. This includes Diamond Dust and Pure Haze. The cigars will burn for between forty-five to sixty minutes depending on which cannagar size you choose and how you enjoy them. Yes, Leira cannagars are meant to be savored not just smoked. Think sipping on top-shelf bourbon, but in cannabis terms.

You will also be pleased to hear that each product is hand-rolled by the Leira family. This guarantees that every product you purchase provides the same level of high quality that customers want and expect. There are .5 grams of rosin included in the item as well as 4 grams of a clean green flower by their Nevada partners Virtue. Together, these items provide an unbeatable combination that you need to experience yourself to believe.leira cannagar price

Products are available in a variety of different forms including cannagars and cannarillos as well as petit coronas. As such, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect option to match your needs and your budget.


Of course one of the most ridiculously luxurious products that you can purchase is the 24k Gold Leaf Wrapped Leira Cannagar. This one-of-a-kind product sells for about $1,000, ask for it by the name El Dorado. They were first launched in the Washinton State market in December 2018 and have been a huge hit with buyers desperate to get their hands on these stunning items. Lovingly handcrafted by experts, each gold leaf is carefully wrapped around the product.

The cannagar is then carefully brushed to ensure that it looks and feels flawless. For those who can’t quite match the high price tag, there are also small cannagars available for purchase as well. leira cannagar price

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Leira Cannarillo 3.0 4g, Leira Cannagar 12g, Luxury  24k Gold Leaf

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