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Ball Family Farms Ricky Baker Weed

Ball Family Farms is based out of Los Angeles City, CA, and is one of the first to benefit from the Department of Cannabis Regulation’s Social Equity Program. Ball Family Farms is the first vertically integrated, minority-owned Cannabis Company. Why work for Ball Family Farms? We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes Medical, Dental, and Vision to those that are eligible.

We are an equal opportunity employer that promotes equal employment opportunities and encourages diversity and inclusion. Grow with a Winning Team!!


Ricky Baker was hand-crafted and cultivated with meticulous attention to detail with the best possible mix of terpenes to create a well-rounded strain worthy of the Highman name. Its flavor and nose are thick gas and musk, with a touch of backend sweetness producing a potent heart-pounding but cerebral high that fits Highsman’s Pregame vibe.

Ball Family Farms flower is hand-crafted from the finest raw and organic nutrients. Cultivated with meticulous attention to detail, our genetics are pheno-hunted, developed and produced in-house to the most precise standards.

Ball Family Farms Ricky Baker Weed


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