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1000mg THC Gummies by High Dose is made with high-quality THC distillate derived from high-quality cannabis strains. Kick back and relax with some friends and enjoy these high dose edibles. High Dose Gummies are inspired by the west coast lifestyle, which includes chillin’ by the beach, surfing, skating, and getting high with friends.

Firstly, High Dose Gummies Online 420 Mars Wrigley confectionary last Tuesday reviewed various gummies, kittles, starburst, and live savers confections because they might have a fragile metal strand implanted in the free or chewy candies clinched. 

High Dose Gummies where to buy

Secondly, The candies circulated throughout Canada, the USA, the UK, Brazil, and Mexico and were delivered by an outsider. Confections impacted by the review contain explicit clumps of various preferences and bundles kinds of High Dose THC gummies, Per the review.

Also, These gummies are perfect for sharing with friends or can be consumed by 1 person, if they are brave enough. These gummies come in classic flavors that everyone can enjoy. We suggest these edibles to be enjoyed with a lot of joints and some friends so everyone can chill out and get super baked.

Why are they called High Dose original?

The candy’s name, High Dose gummies original, comes from the high concentration of THC of the same name, called as such for the likeness of the sweet to items used in the game. High Dose’s original gummy candy’ « taste the white Trufflez » theme was created by the New York ad agency D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles. Each package contains 1 gummy with 1000mg of THC

1000mg THC Gummies by High Dose are made with high-quality THC distillate which is derived from high quality cannabis strains.

Each package contains 1 gummy with 1000mg of THC

What are High Dose 1000mg Gummies made from?

The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general advice.


Do High Dose gummies have multiple flavors?

Furthermore, The Kushy Punch Gummies are offered in a variety of flavors, mainly targeting the sweet and sour category. Overall these gummies tasted more like a cheap artificial candy flavoring than an artisan, hand-crafted flavor like so many other Cannabis gummy brands are targeting. The flavor score here is low, come on Kushy Punch you can do better. The aroma was like walking into a candy store and all of the flavors hit you at once. Strong sugary aromatic scent. 

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High Dose gummies flavors online

Also, Strawberry does an ideal occupation of possessing a flavor like its simple structure, yet presumably gets around 75% of the way there. But it is significantly less extraordinary taste. Orange has comparative results. This flavor is like the off-brand yellow candy you got at the Specialist’s office as a youngster when you had a blooper.

Taste the High Dose 1000mg with NEW High Dose Gummy Candy. Enjoy everything you love about High Dose candy now in gummy candy form. A soft and fruity mix of strawberry, orange, grape, lemon, and green apple-flavored chewy candy.

Packaging High Dose 1000mg Gummy

High Dose uses standard mylar packaging for its products. Offering a high-quality overall firm plastic, safe-sealed ziplock back. The bags are colorful and easy to spot. Look for the cotton candy color logo Kushy Punch printed on the front. With bright white font and a colorful bag, the information on the bag is very easy to read. On the back of the bag, you will find all of the nutritional facts, warnings, and how-tos. Overall we are big fans of the packaging, the standard mylar bags fit in just about any pocket and keep the products fresh for a long time. Here’s some of the Kushy Punch gummies information from the back of the label:

Ingredients – Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Gelatin, Water, Dextrose, Sorbitol, Pectin, Vegetable Glycerin, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Potassium Sorbet, Sunflower Lechtin, Gum Arabic, Citric Acid, Cannabis Extract, Natural and Artificial Flavors and Colors

Instructions For Use – Open Bag, Eat Desired Amount of Servings, Store Gummies In Bag For Maximum Freshness, and Keep It Kushy!

Nutritional Facts Per Gummy:

  • 28 Calories
  • 2mg Sodium
  • 0.5g Protein
  • 7g Carbohydrates
  • 3.5g Sugar
  • 10mg THC

Effects of High Dose

  • Indica gummies were calming
  • Sativa gummies were uplifting
  • Hybrid gummies, like the Indica, were calming

High Dose gummies Strength

  • 100mg THC, <2mg CBD
  • Full-Spectrum Formulation
  • Head high: 2/5
  • Body high: 2/5


High Dose gummies will cost around $25. Amuse, Eaze, and Emjay deliver these gummies in California. Available in a large number of dispensaries, the gummies are rather easy to find.

  • Price: $25
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

The activation time is around 40 minutes for experienced cannabis consumers and around 30 minutes for novice cannabis consumers. Effects were felt for around 1 hour. The 420 weed delivery team is composed of six testers, three experienced consumers, and three novice cannabis consumers. The activation time was a bit disappointing, the marketing behind this product is pushing the fast-activation time label, when in fact these gummies hit you at around the same time as any gummy on the market. The effects are nice, but the formulation has left a lot to be desired with these “instant-effect” THC gummies.

  • Activation time: Chew the gummies thoroughly to a grind for faster activation time
    • Experienced Cannabis Consumers – 40 minutes
    • Novice Cannabis Consumers – 30 minutes
  • Effects were more substantial when falling asleep than during sleep. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid Kushy Punch gummies all had around the same activation and duration


Overall the testing team noted that the High Dose gummies do not stick to your teeth, and are easily consumed. If you are going to consume the Indica High Punch gummies, we recommend chewing these gummies before you brush your teeth at night. When chewed to a grind you will have a slight sugar aftertaste in your mouth. The mylar packaging allows you to transport these gummies without having to worry about the bag opening or the gummies melting the bag. From a convenience standpoint, these gummies are ok. We would have loved it if their activation time was closer to the marketed 15 minutes, but the other high-quality features that have made Kushy Punch a strong Cannabis brand help support the core features of this gummy.


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