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Buy Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9 : HHC Chocolate | 300mg

Urb is here with their gourmet hemp derived, 10mg Delta 9 and 15mg HHC, totaling 25mg per piece. 4 delicious chocolate flavors to choose from. Experience a flavorful and rich chocolate infused with live resin hemp derived Delta 9 THC and HHC. What truly makes these chocolates special is the potent blend of hemp derived Delta-9 THC and HHC. Together these two cannabinoids give the user both an extreme body relaxation and euphoric head feeling. You will not find anything else like it on the market. Get your Urb Gourmet Chocolate today!

Urb Gourmet Live Resin D9 : HHC Chocolate Flavors

  • Urb Gourmet Lemon Crumble – a tart, sweet savory flavor
  • Urb Gourmet Key Lime Cream – a delicious creamy, tart and sweet flavor
  • Urb Gourmet Lavender – a sweet and velvety with a hint of botanical
  • Urb Gourmet Mango & Chill – a sweet succulent with hint of spice

Additional Product Info

  • We Suggest Starting with consuming 1/2 piece and waiting.
  • Made With Live Resin Extract for Potency
  • 10mg Delta 9 | 15mg HHC – 25mg Per Piece
  • 12 pieces Per Bar
  • 300mg Total Cannabinoids Per Bar
  • 10mg Delta 9 | 15mg HHC – 25mg Per Piece
  • 4 Delicious Flavors To Choose From


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