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Truffle Cake Strain for Sale

Are you looking to buy the Truffle Cake strain? It is available on our site, packaged in its official bag. You won’t have to pay any extra for packing! Buy your Trufflez Truffle Cake strain online today and have it delivered right to you. People commonly search for this strain by its reviews, price, marijuana type, indoor/outdoor growth preferences and more. Look up the Truffle Cake strain Canada, UK, Australia to find a local supplier near you!

Are you wondering how we package our Truffle Cake strain? Don’t worry, all exotic and cookie strains on our site are shipped in their official bags, just as seen on the website. You won’t have to pay extra for the bags! Plus, you can purchase this strain without hassle – Buy Truffle Cake strain by Trufflez; Buy Trufflez Truffle Cake UK; Buy Trufflez Truffle Cake; Trufflez Truffle Cake strain for sale; and more. While you shop, be sure to read what buyers are saying – take a look at reviews like the ones found on Leafly and see what words best describe this weed: Price, indoor/outdoor growing, cannabis or marijuana types, THC levels etc. Get your hands on some of the best cannabis out there with the click of a button! Shop now!

Buy Truffle Cake Weed Online

Truffle Cake strain is everything that cannabis should be in the state of California. Sure, it’s expensive, but which Californian isn’t used to paying a premium for anything good?

The nostalgia and vibes with this strain are real. Cereal Milk is an ultra-crossed hybrid that’s mainly all about its taste. We aren’t kidding that this strain tastes and smells just like the milk leftover after you’ve eaten a bowl of cereal.

Any other producer might have botched this impressive strain, though. Just as impressive as the genetics are the way that Cannabiotix pulled them off. These buds look and smell beautiful, and you can tell from a glance that they’re the fruit of lots of tender love and care in the cultivation process.

Truffle Cake Strain Review

In our experience, Trufflez Truffle Cake weed is one of the best THC flowers currently available in California. Offered on 420 delivery, it’s simple to get your hands on an eighth of this bud if you’ve got the cash.

  • Fantastic buds
  • Beautiful crystallization
  • Smelled like milk & lemons
  • We really enjoyed this strain
  • 31.3% THC — very potent
  • Very popular brand throughout Cali
  • Hybrid effects
  • Attractive light-green nugs with lots of orange hairs
  • Euphoric, joyful high
  • Smooth, uplifting effects
  • Top-shelf bud

Effects of Truffle Cake Strain

  • Focused: 3/5 — Medium
  • Relaxed: 3/5 — Medium
  • Euphoric: 4/5 — Medium-high
  • Relief: 2/5 — Light
  • Energized: 3/5 — Medium

Strength of Truffle Cake Strain

  • Head high: 4/5
  • Body high: 4/5

Truffle Cake Strain Prices

You might feel like $265 is a lot to pay for an oz of flower, but Cannabiotix is California’s favorite purveyor of cannabis nugs, and you’d be surprised what you’re willing to pay for quality.

  • Price: $265
  • Value: 4/5

Activation & Duration

  • Activation time: 15 minutes when smoked or vaped
  • Effects lasted for: 1.5 hours


Great for rolling into a joint or packing into a vaporizer, this flavorful bud tastes and smells just like cereal milk. It has great effects, and it’s worth trying just for the novelty. It’s truly amazing what cannabis breeders are capable of these days, and we think Truffle Cake Strain will go down in the history books as a classic strain.

The container these buds came in is pretty standard, but it was bedecked with lots of detailed product information. It’s relatively easy to slip this jar in your bag, and it won’t leak crumbs when you open it.

  • Sold in: LASFSDTahoeSacramentoPalm Springs
  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma

The unique mix of terpenes present in Trufflez Premium Cannabis Flower makes this strain taste and smell smooth, creamy, and sweet with slightly earthy undertones and a marked lack of any fruity taste aside from lemon. We could tell from a whiff that this flower was grown well and cured properly.

  • Flavor: 5/5

To truly enjoy the flavor of Truffle Cake strain, we’d recommend vaping. The Volcano Mighty and the Volcano Classic are both solid options, and smoking a joint also brings out the flavor of this strain pretty well.

Truffle Cake strain weed would be wasted, though, on a pipe or bong. Obviously, consider enjoying this strain with some real milk and cereal for truly authentic effects. One big hit every hour or so should do you properly.Truffle Cake Strain for Sale

Target Audience + FAQs

Truffle Cake Premium Cannabis Flower is ideal for educated smokers or vapers on the hunt for top-shelf flower. We would recommend this flower, though, to any cannabis user whether you’re experienced or just starting out.

1. Is the Cereal Milk strain good?

Yes, in our opinion, Truffle Cake strain is a delectable and delightful strain that stimulates the palate and is the perfect accompaniment to late-night cereal munchies. Trufflez takes the inherent promise of this strain and expands upon it with excellent cultivation and processing.

2. Can I Buy Truffle Cake strain In Las Vegas?

Yes, you can.Truffle Cake strain is delivered in locatios at THC Needles in Las Vegas. Trufflez strains can also be found all over the state of California.

3. How Would You Rate Truffle Cake Strain?

The indica dominant strain left me relaxed with feelings of light euphoria. The purple flower gives off a strong berry aroma, the smell and flavor are also berry dominant. Effects set in immediately if smoked or vaped, strong body and head high last for around 1 hour. We recommend the Truffle Cake strain for before-bed use.

4. Buy Truffle Cake Strain?

The indica dominant strain from Trufflez should lift your spirits. This strain packs a pineapple-orange punch. Perfect for daytime use, we found Tropicana to be the perfect social strain. Great for laughing and sharing. With a High-THC percentage of around 30%, this strain is great for experienced smokers that want a strong head high.



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