Grandaddy pluto Cookies HHC Blunt


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Grandaddy pluto Cookies HHC Blunt

A brand new way to light up exclusive Cookies flavors. Our HHC Blunts are stuffed with HHC-infused whole bud CBD and CBG flower, rolled in a premium hemp wrap, and finished with a glass filter tip. HHC is a federally legal cannabinoid that produces immediate effects and a long-lasting, mellow psychoactive experience.

Grandaddy Pluto HHC Blunts feature a flavor and aroma heavy in fruity dark berry notes with a minty finish. An indica-dominant hybrid, this blunt is perfect for unwinding in the evening or sharing at a party.

Indica Hybrid

200mg+HHC per blunt

0% Nicotine

0% Tobacco

Ingredients: 100% Organic hemp flower, Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), terpenes

Directions: For smokeable use only

CBD Content: 12.74% (12.7mg/g)
Total HHC: 210.2mg
Total Cannabinoids:  15.36% (15.36mg/g)

View COA Information: here

Grandaddy pluto Cookies HHC Blunt

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