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The wedding cake strain is a result of crossbreeding Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, some argue that it is actually the combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Triangle.

Either way, the Wedding Cake strain has a sweet vanilla smell and is about 60% indica. It’s a hybrid indica with 40% landrace Sativa strains. Although initially grown only on the west coast, Wedding Cake is relatively easy to maintain and has gained popularity across America.

In Canada, it’s called Pink Cookies because of its potential lineage, and it’s sometimes referred to as Triangle Mints. However, most people choose to call it the Wedding Cake strain to avoid confusion.

Wedding Cake is recommended to experienced marijuana users because of its high THC levels. On average, Wedding Cake has a 25% THC testing, with a high end of 27%. Beginning users should not use Wedding Cake until they have had time to adjust to THC.

Although the THC strains in Wedding Cake are higher than usual, CBD levels are deficient. On average, a Wedding Cake bud will have 0-2% CBD levels. This strain is mostly THC and not diluted by CBD, so it’s very potent.

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Wedding Cake was named for its appearance and its initial flavor. In appearance, Wedding Cake is a traditional Indica combining light and dark green leaves. The buds are dense and close together, covered in white sugary crystals. These crystals partly led to the name of the plant.

Wedding Cake smells sweet and flowery, with a slight vanilla tone. There is also a strong earthy scent as you light it, due in part to the higher level of humulene in the strain (humulene also features strongly in hops). Later, woodier and spicy odors come through.

The taste of the weed itself is sour, with notes of multiple flavors on top. These flavors start sweet, with the signature vanilla sugar of the wedding cake itself. There are some floral flavors to match the scents, but a surprising peppery tang mostly masks them at the end. This end flavor is spicy and earthy.

If you enjoy a variety of flavors and a bit of a spicy finish, Wedding Cake is a great strain. It smokes cleanly and is easy to inhale. The vanilla flavor and the sugary white crystals on the plant itself contributed to this strain’s naming.

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Because Wedding Cake is so strong, it’s often used both medically and recreationally. It is often used by experienced marijuana smokers who feel jaded and don’t get the same effects from weaker strains. However, there are multiple health benefits to this strain as well.

The wedding Cake strain has high levels of THC and is excellent for pain relief. Patients with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or joint issues often choose Wedding Cake because of its ability to relax the muscles and reduce pain and inflammation.

One of the most common uses for Wedding Cake is to calm anxiety or stress. People diagnosed with chronic anxiety, depression, or other mental health illnesses often choose Wedding Cake as a way to relax their brains and calm their anxious thoughts. It’s a famous strand for anti-anxiety usage.

Overall, the Wedding Cake strain leaves you feeling relaxed, happy, and calm. Some users have reported euphoric or giggly feelings with the music. It is crucial to not smoke above your tolerance level, as that can lead to a negative experience and the opposite of the intended effect.

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Wedding Cake strain is a hardy strain, but it takes a bit extra work to grow it. We suggest Wedding Cake for intermediate to experienced growers – beginners might struggle with the strain. It works in most climates, but is sensitive to frost or extreme heat. Most growers prefer to grow Wedding Cake indoors.

Unfortunately, this strain is highly susceptible to mold and will die if it’s exposed. This is why it is more difficult for beginning growers to grow this strain. Wedding Cake is planted in spring, and flowers in mid-to-late October. It fully matures about 7-9 weeks after flowering. At this point, the buds can be harvested and sold or consumed.

However, Wedding Cake survives in most climates. If it is grown properly (and you are increasing female plants), you should be able to receive between 18-21 ounces indoors and at least that much if it’s planted outdoors.

Before selling or using the buds, you will have to dry them out. Make sure that you let the buds completely dry and don’t use or take them down before they’re finished. Some strains of Wedding Cake aren’t as potent because the growers were in a hurry to refill stock. Because of this, the buds lose the sugary white appearance and some of their flavor.

As long as it’s legal in your state and you are licensed to sell marijuana, Wedding Cake is a great way to make some money. It’s a prevalent strain and is often asked for at dispensaries. An ounce generally sells for between $300 and $480, depending on the quality of the growth.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Wedding Cake Strain seeds, here is a great place to try:

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Where to Buy the Wedding Cake Strain

If you are reading this and interested in the strain, you might be wondering where to buy it. However, let’s first discuss the general reaction to the Wedding Cake strain. Although it’s overwhelming for beginners because of the high THC levels, Wedding Cake has become extremely popular amongst more seasoned marijuana users.

Most people who use Wedding Cake do so more than once a week because of its strong effects on anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Others love the euphoric feeling of the strain and use it to relax, people-watch, or stay at home.

Overall, this strain is potent, and because of that, it’s become prevalent. It is only ready around late October, so the stock is highest then. However, growers continue to sell dried buds year-round to keep up with the growing demand for the plant.

Several places in and around the District of Columbia offer this strain. You can purchase some from a local dispensary or go straight to the source and find a cannabis farmer who is licensed to sell. DC has several dispensaries that keep the most popular flavors in stock.Buy Wedding Cake Strain Online

If you are of age and legally able to buy marijuana, it’s also possible to purchase it online. However, it’s crucial to remember that Wedding Cake is trendy, which makes it hard to find in specific locations.

Once you’ve exhausted your local dispensaries for this strain, you can look at weed delivery services or find another way to get it. However, you might have to wait until the next batch is grown and ready to harvest.Buy Wedding Cake Strain Online


The wedding Cake strain is one of the most muscular new strains available. With a sweet beginning and a spicy aftertaste, this THC-heavy marijuana blend is an excellent choice for experienced growers, sellers, and marijuana users.



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