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Buy URB THC Infinity Live Resin Cartridge | 2.2 gram

The newest addition to Urb by Lifted Made’s “The Highest Collection” is the THC Infinity cartridge. The Infinity blend is a boosted blend of Oleo-resin, Delta 8, THCP, THC-JD and THC-H formulated to perfection by industry leading experts. This potent blend will take you above and beyond and completely transform your vaping experience.

These cartridges feature a ceramic coil to evenly distribute heat without burning, providing rich full flavor and pleasant clouds of vapor. Urb never uses any fillers or additives so you can be sure you’re getting the most pure cannabinoids available on the market.

Urb THC Infinity Cartridges 6 Aromatic Flavors

  • urb thc infinity cartridge gas berry 2

Gas Berry THC Infinity Cartridge – Hybrid
Gas Berry is for those that love the “real thing.” This flavor is full-bodied with pine, earth and berry notes. Aromas of pine, earth, citrus and berry

  • urb thc infinity cartridge glue berry 2

Glue Berry THC Infinity Cartridge – Sativa
The Glue Berry strain combines blue raspberry, floral, tart and citrus into a delightful blend of sweet and citrus.

  • urb thc infinity cartridge lemonade kush 2

Lemonade Kush THC Infinity Cartridge – Sativa
The Lemonade Kush strain delivers a classic lemonade aroma , tart lemon, sweet and citrus, with woody and earthy notes.

  • urb thc infinity cartridge orangeade 2

Orangeade THC Infinity Cartridge – Sativa
The Orangeade strain is a very orange citrusy, candy-like and sweet strain with a hint of pineapple.

  • urb thc infinity cartridge strawberry cereal 2

Strawberry Cereal THC Infinity Cartridge- Indica
Strawberry Cereal is a mashup of sweet, fruity strawberry and a hint of vanilla. Aromas of strawberry and sweet.

  • urb thc infinity cartridge watermelon mojito 2

Watermelon Mojito THC Infinity Cartridge – Indica
The Watermelon Mojito strain is perfectly reminiscent of ripe watermelon, lime, simple syrup, and sweet mint that’s cool and refreshing.

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The Urb brand is a premier producer of innovative hemp-derived products known for their proprietary blends and eye-catching packaging. All Urb products are crafted in small batches from hemp grown on farms in the Midwest United States. The team at Urb is dedicated to making Delta 8 and other hemp-derived products more accessible and approachable for consumers of all legal ages and backgrounds. If you’re a discerning customer looking to get the most out of your experience, look no further than Urb products.

Urb Produces Premium Hemp-Derived Products For Your Lifted Lifestyle

The Urb brand is a premier producer of innovative products, known for their proprietary blends and eye-catching packaging. After starting with Delta 8, Urb has moved into offering a wide range of federally-legal recreational products derived from hemp.

Though they’ve attained overwhelming popularity, Urb has managed to retain its personal, small business vibe. They stay true to their mantra of “QUALITY OVER EVERYTHING,” too. Those are both key qualities that make us have the utmost confidence in their products.

All Urb products are crafted in small batches from hemp grown on farms in the Midwest United States. Whether you’re purchasing an Urb Delta 8 cartridge or Urb Delta 8 disposable vape, count on only the highest quality. And, because all of our products are lab tested, you can check the results!

Looking to Buy Urb Products Online?

You’re in the right place! Find Urb disposable Delta 8 vapes, gummies, flower, and more here. Looking for something a little different? You can explore our other top brands, too.

At Delta 8 Resellers, we know that finding the best quality CBD and Delta 8 products online can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we maintain a large and diverse inventory. We have something that appeals to just about everyone!

Our goal is to make your experience stress free from start to finish! We’ve made it our mission to carry only the best Delta 8 brands available at the lowest prices online. Buy URB THC Infinity Live Resin Cartridge


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