Buy URB Delta 8 Chocolate Bars | 300mg


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Buy URB Delta 8 Chocolate Bars | 300mg

Urb Delta 8 Finest Chocolate delivers a sweet balance of chocolate and Delta 8. Urb is created with premium ingredients, our Delta 8 infused chocolate bar invokes a feeling of luxury with it’s smooth and creamy texture.

Though they’ve attained overwhelming popularity, Urb has managed to retain its personal, small business vibe. They stay true to their mantra of “QUALITY OVER EVERYTHING,” too. Those are both key qualities that make us have the utmost confidence in their products.

URB Delta 8 Chocolate Bar Flavors

  • Cookies n Cream – chocolate cookie and vanilla crème all in one
  • Dark Chocolate –  The dark chocolate has rich flavors and is a true indulgence for any chocolate lover.
  • Milk Chocolate – Milk chocolate is perfect for those who enjoy the classic flavor of milk chocolate.
  • Rainbow Rocks – delicious sweetened cereal cookie bar

Product Information

  • One bar contains 300+ MG of Delta 8
  • Easily breaks into twelve pieces (25 mg per piece)
  • Perfect sized for accurate dosing and satisfying your sweet tooth
  • 300mg Delta 8 Chocolate Bar
  • 12 – 25mg Pieces Per Bar
  • Available in 4 flavors

Order URB Delta 8 Chocolate Bars

The Urb brand is a premier producer of innovative products, known for their proprietary blends and eye-catching packaging. After starting with Delta 8, Urb has moved into offering a wide range of federally-legal recreational products derived from hemp.

All Urb products are crafted in small batches from hemp grown on farms in the Midwest United States. Whether you’re purchasing an Urb Delta 8 cartridge or Urb Delta 8 disposable vape, count on only the highest quality. And, because all of our products are lab tested, you can check the results!


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