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Looking to buy Truffleatti Strain? Buy Truffleatti Strain which is a hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Animal Cookies with SinMint Cookies. This potent strain offers strong body and head effects, making it the perfect companion for after work and evening use. Truffleatti weed packs for sale, offering a sweet and pungent aroma with minty notes on the exhale.

Medical marijuana patients often choose this strain to help relieve symptoms of stress. Order Truffleatti packs online today!


 Truffleatti Strain for sale

Our Flowers came in a Designer Oz packs that concealed an inner Box. Truffleatti Strain chose a red color for this strain’s theme, which certainly looks nice in pictures. The buds look good up-close too, but they’re a little bit on the light and fluffy side. Honey Flower definitely got us high, though you can probably find better strains for your money.

  • Red-colored external packaging
  • Material is thick paper
  • Black font is easy to read
  • The flower is housed in a painted glass wip bag inside the box
  • The bag’s top is easy to open
  • The label on the pack is easy to read
  • The buds are light-green in color
  • Coated in white crystals
  • Orange hairs can be found throughout
  • Triangular shape
  • Fluffy buds, sticky to the touch
  • Rough edges, lightly dense

Effects of Truffleatti Weed

  • Blissful
  • Relaxed
  • Ease my mind

Strength Truffleatti Weed

  • Cannabinoid content: 85% THC, Under 1% CBD
  • Head high: 4/5
  • Body high: 6/5

Price of Truffleatti Strain

At least this weed got us high — unlike other A Golden State strains we’ve tried. Still, you can’t help but expect a little bit more from a $60 eighth. This strain didn’t blow us away how top-shelf weed should.Buy Truffleatti Strain

  • Price: $300 for an Oz
  • Value: 3/5

Truffleatti Strain Activation & Duration

This strain took a second to kick in, but once it did, we were pleasantly stoned for around half an hour. Sativa buzzes often seem to wear off quickly anyway, and there’s something about either the cultivation or genetics of Honey Flower that makes the strain weak despite its high THC content.

  • Activation time: 2-5 minutes
  • Effects lasted for: 27 to 30 minutes
  • Negative effects: None


We like the packages  Truffleatti weed comes in a lot. Some might find it excessive, but there’s nothing like a little luxury where it counts. If only that luxury extended to the quality of the weed.

  • Packaging: 5/5

Flavor & Aroma of Truffleatti Buds

There’s a sweet, honey-like pine aroma when you reado to Buy Truffleatti Strain . A very light honey and floral taste is noticeable while you smoke Honey Flower, and the strain has little to no aftertaste.

  • Terpene profile: Honey, Sugar, Pine
  • Flavor: 5/5

 Can I order Truffleatti Strain Flower for delivery?

Yes, Truffleatti flower and other strains from Trufflez are often available for delivery on our websites. You can also use the brand’s store locator to find locations where Trufflez products are available.




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