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Purple Punch is an Indica-dominant strain. This hybrid strain features 80% India and 20% Sativa. While the strain is a popular choice, those who prefer an Indica strain tend to love Purple Punch, while those who enjoy more of a Sativa high are sometimes huge fans.

Cannabis users who appreciate a potent Indica strain will love Purple Punch and are probably very familiar with its parents and distant relative strains.

To create this hybrid cannabis strain, breeders combine the famous Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG strains. These Indica-dominant strains help create the perfect 80:20 ratio of Purple Punch. Some of Purple Punches distant relatives are also very popular, including Purple Urkle and Big Bud.

As for the THC content of Purple Punch, it can vary depending on the crop, but it’s usually around 25%, making it a pretty potent strain. While it has a significant THC content, the CBD content is very low at 1%, which is typical for other Indica-dominant strains.Buy Purple Puch Strain Online

Buy Purple Puch Weed Online

Purple Punch is a strain that’s not only appealing to the body, but when you see it, you’ll find it hard not to think it’s gorgeous. At first glance, the most stand-out feature of this strain is the vibrant purple color.

It’s not the only purple strain of cannabis out there. Many of its relatives also have a beautiful purple hue. Purple Punch is more noticeable than other purple strains because it has a much deeper purple shade. It’s a little darker and has a more royal appearance, but some buds can feature light and dark purple hues, which are exceptionally beautiful.

While most of the time, you’ll see Purple Punch with a purple shade, it occasionally comes in other colors like golden orange, yellow, and green. Even though the color might be the first thing you think of when it comes to distinguishing this strain from others, it’s its other characteristics, not the color.

When you get a whiff of this strain, the distinct aroma is what will make you remember it fondly, not just the color. Most people smell a strong and fragrant, sweet grape scent.

With a robust sweet grape aroma, you’ll taste quite a bit of the grape flavor in every toke. But that’s not the only flavor you’ll taste when you enjoy Purple Punch. Since it’s a potent strain, each toke is filled with flavors like blueberry, fruit punch, and even a sweet vanilla flavor.

The fruity flavor profile of the Purple Punch strain is a huge draw and is rather tasty. If you’re not a huge fan of vanilla tastes, don’t worry. Apparently, the vanilla flavor is there, but the grape and other fruity flavors are much more forward and abundant.

What Your Purple Punch Strain Experience Might Be Like

Since Purple Punch was created with Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple, you can expect your experience to be strong. Some people have seen improvements in various aspects of their life when using Purple Punch, including:

  • Sleeping better
  • Decreased stress
  • Less anxiety
  • Fewer body aches
  • Less depressive thoughts
  • Fewer migraines
  • Mood improvements

When you take a dose that’s compatible with your body, you might feel relief from body aches, migraines, and headaches. Its mild sedation effect is desirable and part of the reason many people enjoy this strain.

When you take Purple Punch, whether smoking it or eating it, be prepared for a full-force impact. Unlike other strains, it doesn’t kick in slowly. It is more of a cerebral high that borders on euphoria. It helps you feel a deep sense of calm and can balance out much of the intensity you initially think.

Remember that your THC tolerance will significantly impact how you experience Purple Punch. For those with a higher tolerance, you’ll probably feel more energy and be more capable of socializing, playing games, and performing other activities. In comparison, those with a lower tolerance might be ready to curl up for the night.

When used in moderation, Purple Punch can help you perform everyday tasks with the motivation that you didn’t have. In some people, you’ll feel very drowsy and tired. When you’re not experiencing tiredness, most report that they can pay attention easier, focus on tasks at hand, and generally feel happier.

The best way to sum up using Purple Punch is that it combines focus and relaxation perfectly.

Order Purple Puch Strain Online

For those who want to dabble in growing Purple Punch, there are many things you need to learn. The first one is that Purple Punch is known for producing very large yields in only eight to nine weeks.

Since the strain is 80% Indica and comes from strong Indica genetics, you’ll find that the cannabis grows stocky, short, and bushy. Usually, the plant only reaches about 150 cm tall when growing outdoors and between 90 and 150 cm indoors.

The ideal conditions for growing Purple Punch are in cool temperate climates that have a short growing season. A great thing about growing this cannabis is that it’s highly resistant to fungi and pests, unlike some other strains.

Purple Punch’s flowering strain lasts anywhere from seven to nine weeks. In those seven to nine weeks, the yields reach 600 to 700g/m² indoors and one to two kg when you have planted outside. Remember, this depends on your plant size and your growing setup.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Purple Punch Strain seeds, here is a great place to try:

  • Purple Punch Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Purple Punch Feminized Fast-Version Marijuana Seeds

Reviews and Prices of Purple Punch

Many of the reviews for Purple Punch are highly positive. People report feeling a solid high that allows them to focus on household tasks without feeling stressed out, anxious, or depressed.

More negative reviews of Purple Punch tend to come from those with a lower THC tolerance or who took too much Purple Punch at a time. Doing this can cause adverse side effects and prevent you from feeling that euphoric feeling that the strain can provide people.

Other complaints about the strain simply come from those who don’t know their tolerance. Using caution at first and starting slowly is the best approach to using Purple Punch for the first time.

If you’re interested in purchasing Purple Punch, then you’ll need to shop around for a great price. You might see different price points depending on where you buy it from. For an eighth of Purple Punch, you’re looking at spending anywhere from $35 to $50.

It can have a higher price in more demand areas like major cities. That’s why shopping around is a great idea when finding the best price for Purple Punch.

For those who prefer to buy pre-rolled joints, you might be able to find the joints for $5 to $15. Half an ounce is around $100, while a full ounce can be $190 to over $200. It all depends on where you purchase the cannabis strain from. When you order for delivery rather than picking it up in the dispensary, you’ll often see higher prices to account for delivery costs.

Wrapping Up

Purple Punch is an excellent strain for those who prefer a potent Indica-dominant option. You’ll feel euphoric and have a tremendous high no matter which way you choose to enjoy your cannabis. Be sure to check your local dispensary for high-quality Purple Punch next time you’re shopping.



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