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London Pound Cake strain is a hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and another Indica strain, making it a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa strain. It’s important to know what’s in your weed, so tracing the lineage is crucial. Cookie Fam uses Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies to create Sunset Sherbet, one of the parent strains, giving it a sweet flavor and THC level of 18%.Buy London Pound Cake Strain

When they merged Sunset Sherbet with the secret Indica strain, the THC content increased to 28%, though the CBD levels hovered near zero. The new strain also added hints of vanilla and coffee to the original citrus flavor. Those clues aren’t enough to determine what Cookie Fam added to Sunset Sherbet, but it gives you a great idea of what to expect.

If you like London Pound Cake, you might also enjoy Cheetah Piss and Cake Mix, its child strains. Cheetah Piss includes Lemonnade and Gelato 42 for a tangy aftertaste and intense smoke.

Cake Mix is a hybrid combining London Pound Cake with Wedding Cake. As you might expect, the mixture gives a strong vanilla and chestnut flavor. You can find all these strains in DC and the surrounding areas.

London Pound Cake Kush for Sale

London Pound Cake strain is like a dessert. If you’re full after a meal but still want the taste of something sweet, this strain will do the trick. The prominent flavor is fruity vanilla. The aftertaste resembles the butteriness of pound cake without the calories.

With your first inhalation, you’ll receive a hit of lemon and citrus flavor. It will then evolve into a sweet dough taste, like vanilla cookies. You’ll get an earthy pine taste when you exhale, making this strain multi-dimensional.

Some smokers claim the aftertaste reminds them of grape candy, which isn’t unwelcome. The smoke smells slightly sweet and earthy, making London Pound Cake an all-around pleasant strain. The delicious taste will make your mouth water, so be aware that this strain can cause the munchies. Even if you were full after dinner, you might be ready for dessert after a hit.

These nuggets look grainy, with the green buds speckled with orange pistils. This combination makes it look like a fruit, priming you for the citrus taste you’ll get when you smoke it. The plant itself resembles typical Indica strains, growing out more than up. It’s covered in closely-packed buds and flanked by dark water leaves and spade-shaped flowers.

When you dry London Pound Cake nuggets, they’ll lighten to a sage or olive green. They burn clean and release thick smoke to help you ease into your relaxing fog.

Mellow Out With London Pound Cake Strain

London Pound Cake is a creeper strain, meaning you can take a hit and feel fine, then mellow out right after. If you’ve ever attended a yoga class or meditated, they ask you to start relaxing your toes, feet, legs, and core, all the way up to your head. London Pound Cake does that for you. You’ll feel calmness climbing up your body, helping you relax completely.

The strain doesn’t make you sleepy, so it’s ideal when you need to get out of your head. Creatives love how London Pound Cake loosens them so their thoughts can flow freely without their inner critic bringing things to a grinding halt. Since it helps you relax, you might naturally feel ready to rest after a few hits, but it won’t put you to sleep.

Beyond free thinking, there are several medical benefits to London Pound Cake. It calms you, so it’s an excellent solution for stress and anxiety. Your worries melt away, and it leaves you with an uplifting sense of happiness.

While the London Pound Cake strain doesn’t necessarily ease your physical pain, it relaxes your mind enough that you’ll stop thinking about it. When you let your thoughts flow free, they’ll stop focusing on physical ailments so you can feel calm and euphoric. However, if you use marijuana specifically to alleviate physical illnesses, you’ll want to consider a different strain.

When you try the London Pound Cake strain for the first time, take it easy. Smoking too much can make you dizzy since it’s so intense. The high THC levels can also instill a feeling of paranoia that feels harsher than milder strains. It also causes dry mouth, so keep a drink nearby to relax without discomfort or needing to get up for supplies.

Carve out time to enjoy the London Pound Cake strain before you start smoking. You want to ensure you can melt into the couch without jumping up to get ready for work or do chores. This strain is best for weekends and the end of the day when you can mellow out and forget the world around you.

Order London Pound Cake weed

London Pound Cake is a strain that’s very difficult to grow. It has a growing period that’s longer than average, taking anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks to mature. You’ll get one or two ounces per foot when you harvest London Pound Cake, so it’s a lot of work and maintenance for a minor payout. With that in mind, this strain is a nice challenge for experienced growers.

You can start with seeds or cuttings and plant them inside with a tent or outside. For indoor growing, you need ventilated air, an exhaust fan, and a filter to prevent mold from getting on the plants. Aim high discharge lamps on the leaves so they can photosynthesize properly.

When you grow this strain inside, it can grow between 60 to 80 inches, but it’ll be taller than 90 inches if you can grow it outside. Plant it in a sunny spot in April to ensure it has eight months to reach its full potential.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Pound Cake Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Where to Find the London Pound Cake Strain in USA?

Even experienced smokers report that this strain threw them for a loop. It’s rare that such a potent strain burns so smoothly and leaves such pleasant aftertastes and smoke, so it’s easy to overdo it. Most users agree that London Pound Cake is an excellent strain to help you relax and daydream, saying it takes away all your cares.

Since it’s such a popular strain, you might worry that it’s hard to find. Legally, adults over 21 can possess up to two ounces of weed in DC, so keep those limits in mind when shopping. Check out some of the best places to buy the London Pound Cake strain if you don’t know the DC area.

Why You Need the London Pound Cake Strain?

The London Pound Cake strain is one of the strongest, tastiest options in DC. Anyone needing to relax will appreciate how it mellows you out, physically and mentally, with one hit. Consider taking advantage of a weed delivery service in USA to unwind with this delicious bud.



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