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Buy Cake Sleeper Live Resin Disposable – 2 grams

The don’t let the name fool you, the new Cake “Sleeper” blend from the famous Cake Delta 8 brand is a heavy hitting blend of Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, THC-O and strain specific Live Resin terpenes. Blending Delta 8 with Delta 10 provides the perfect boost you need to stay alert and productive. THC-P enrichment allows the cannabinoids to bind to your brains CB receptors 33% times more effectively than Delta 8 THC alone. The addition of THC-O provides a euphoric head high that lasts!

Cake’s proprietary blend of cannabinoids are potent and flavorful. Remember that a little goes a long way. Take 2-3 puffs and wait up to 30 minutes to experience the full effects of the Cake Live Resin Sleeper blend.

Cake Heavy Hitter Sleeper Collection Flavor / Strains

  • Cake Sleeper Apple Pie Disposables (Hybrid)
  • Cake Sleeper Bearclaw Disposables (Hybrid)
  • Cake Sleeper Ghost of Jack Disposables (Sativa)
  • Cake Sleeper Mango Crack Disposables (Hybrid)
  • Cake Sleeper Melon Express Disposables (Sativa)
  • Cake Sleeper Mimosa Disposables (Hybrid)
  • Cake Sleeper Pineapple Sherbet Disposables (Hybrid)
  • Cake Sleeper Sex on the Beach Disposables (Sativa)
  • Cake Sleeper Strawberry Cream Disposables (Sativa)
  • Cake Sleeper Grape Soda Rosin Disposables (Indica)
  • Cake Sleeper Outer Space Sauce Disposables (Hybrid)

Highlight of Cake Sleeper Disposable

  • 2 grams of Live Resin Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P and THC-O per disposable
  • USB Rechargeable (cable not included)
  • Available in 9 Strains (Indica, Sativa & Hybrid)
  • New and improved red battery

Looking to Buy Disposables Online?

At 420 Weed Delivery we know that finding the best quality CBD and Delta 8 products online can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why we prioritize providing a broad inventory, outstanding customer service, and a pleasant purchasing experience.

Our goal is to make your experience stress free from start to finish! We’ve made it our mission to carry only the best Delta 8 brands and Delta 8 disposable vape pens available at the lowest prices online. Buy Cake Sleeper Live Resin Disposable


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