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Big Smooth is a newish strain from the cultivators Exotic Genetix. This Indica-dominant hybrid combines OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream.

OG Blueberry is a sweet and fruity Indica hybrid that gives you giggles. Cookies and Cream is a 50/50 hybrid strain that has a sugary vanilla taste and offers users a happy and calm high.

The combination of these lovely strains results in the super silky and soft Big Smooth strain that is gentle on your throat. Exotic Genetix crafted this strain to be a super easy weed to smoke, especially if you have a sensitive throat or lungs.

The THC content is average, ranging from 19% to 25%, so it’s suitable for both new and experienced smokers. It has low CBD and CBG, usually below 0.5%, which is lower than most Indica strains.

The Indica and Sativa split varies, as it is sometimes 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, while other batches may be closer to 60/40. While it’s predominantly an Indica, it offers many effects of a standard Sativa, combing the best of both worlds.

The strain has a delectable flavor profile, thanks to the array of terpenes present in the composition. The total terpene content is over 1%, higher than most strains. The top terpene by a long shot is pinene, but Big Smooth also contains high amounts of myrcene, ocimene, humulene, limonene, linalool, terpinolene, phellandrene, and caryophyllene.

How Does Big Smooth Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?

The Big Smooth strain has a complex and layered flavor profile, thanks to its high terpene content and range of compounds. The initial aroma is very mellow and hard to decipher, as none of the notes overwhelm your nose.

However, when you smell it long enough, you’ll begin to pick out some sweet and fruity flavors. People often detect blueberry and blackberry first, followed by a warm vanilla scent.

The aroma combines the sweetness of berries with the decadence of vanilla. You may notice a buttery or nutty scent at the end of your inhale, as the vanilla and berry smell subsides.

While the aroma of Big Smooth is fruity, sweet, and delicious, the taste of the strain takes a different path. Unlike the aroma, the taste is super punchy and skunky, making for a distinct and pungent flavor.

When you first inhale Big Smooth smoke, it’ll have a refreshing pine flavor that fades into an earthy and woody taste. On your exhale, the taste will transform into a more pungent and skunky flavor that is unpleasant for some.

While the flavor is bold and dank, most people report a soft and silky smoke that does not tickle their throat or make their lungs feel heavy and tight.

This smooth smoke is how the strain got its name and is one of the top aspects that make it so enticing. No one likes a painful coughing fit or sore throat, and some see Big Smooth as the solution.

The appearance of Big Smooth nugs is light and fluffy. The nugs are light green with few trichomes or strands but do have a soft white coating over the green leaves. The nugs are small and very round and batches exposed to cold temperatures may have some blue or purple hues closer to the stem.

What Are the Big Smooth Strain’s Effects and Usage?

Along with gentle smoke, Big Smooth also delivers a gentle and supportive high. After smoking it, people feel an immediate sense of peace and happiness. The strain hits people differently, so one person may feel creative and aroused, while someone else may feel sleepy and relaxed.

When you smoke a small amount, you can experience an energized and artistic high with lots of giggles. But if you toke with Big Smooth all day, you may start to feel sleepy and hazy. But people who just take a hit or two thoroughly enjoy the aroused, social, and creative effects this hybrid can offer.

Luckily, the Big Smooth strain comes with a small handful of adverse symptoms. It can make some people anxious or paranoid. And if you take one massive hit or smoke a lot in a short time, you may feel dizzy or get a mild headache. However, these effects only occur in people with low tolerances and little cannabis experience.

Big Smooth can help with a range of medical conditions and discomfort. It can be particularly helpful with head conditions, like headaches, migraines, and insomnia. But it can also help with mental conditions, including anxiety, stress, depression, and mood swings from disorders like bipolar. People also use this strain to reduce nausea, increase appetite, combat extreme fatigue, and soothe chronic pain.

Where to Buy the Big Smooth Strain?

Sadly, Big Smooth is not an easy marijuana strain to find. It’s still fairly new, so not many dispensaries carry it regularly. Even in major cannabis hubs like Denver and texas, the strain eludes stoners. Whether you shop in person at local dispensaries or order your supply using weed delivery apps, finding Big Smooth won’t be simple.

It’s best to ask your budtenders and delivery people if they know where you can find it or if they plan to have it in stock in the future. And if you aren’t looking for flower, you’ll have an even harder time shopping. Big Smooth vapes, wax, edibles, pre-rolls, and other products are nearly nonexistent. So you’re most likely to stumble upon Big Smooth flower if you find anything.

Because of its rarity and top-shelf price, many people see Big Smooth as a luxury and novelty strain. The price is insanely high considering the THC levels are moderate, as usually, top-shelf strains have THC levels off the charts.

Wrap Up

If you want something that will be gentle on your throat and deliver a beautiful and relaxing high, Big Smooth is a lovely strain.



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